Twist Project is based on the work of DiMoreira, Dj, Producer and Graphic Designer.

Diego Moreira had his first deep contact with music at 10 years, age at which began his musical studies. Studied string instruments for 4 years, knowing and learning different musical styles as Funk, Soul, Jazz, Samba and MPB. As teenagers enter into contact with electronic music and ultimately fall in love with a segment in particular: the Drum and Bass.

Today is part of a transitional moment in the movement Deep Soulfull of Drum and Bass doing well at atmospheric environment tracks with plenty of jump up flavours.
Releases its leading support of big names from the world scene as Stunna, Paul SG, DJ Rusty, Nookie, DJ Clart, among others.

Songs that blend the essence of Funky, Soul and Jazz to soft synths and deep basslines, is what marks the style Soulful of Twist Project.

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