Music has been important in my life, since the very beginning. The piano lessons, led to its electronic evolution: the synthesizer. After many years of Radio show hosting, DJing & producing stuff that very few have heard, I’ve decided to take it one step further. The fact that till now, my mu9sic is being supported by the likes of LTJ Bukem, Blade (One7Six), A-Sides (Bassdrive), Soultec (Bassdrive), Jason Magin (Bassdrive), Stunna (Bassdrive), ATP (Bassdrive), Dan Soulsmith (One7Six), Alex FX909 & Miss Drop (FastLane), LJ High (Atomic Vibez), Jazzy (Amen Bros), Telmo (Play FM), Ros (Bassdrive), Greg Packer (Bassdrive), gives me an Xtra kick to continue doing what I do. BIG SHOUT to all of the gentlemen & lady :) listed above. Forthcomimg releases in various labels worldwide, biggin’ up everybody who believe in my projects. Much more to come, hopefully, which includes solo stuff as well as wkd collab projects, with friends/producers that I respect and feel their vibes, cause in the bottom line “It’s all about the music!”.



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