For the loving ones of good music in general, mainly those where we obtain to find some elements that send the certain cultural identity, the renewal is one of the most important aspects of the artistic production. Who already had the chance to confer some of the sets and productions from DJ David WS certainly can endorse it as for quality and creativity in such a way, being a deep expert of the electronic music how much of the other elements existing in the current days. Beyond these elements, what more flame attention in his career is the original and creative form that he plays and produces.

Starting in garage parties as the majority of the DJs, in 1996 David WS started playing trip hop, breakbeat, flash house, jungle and hip hop. Since then, he keep following the musical trends until the present. After having worked in a radio in the zone east of São Paulo, in his radio show called “Megamix” and having passed for some events companies, he was invited to work in a company playing in events, parties, and others. It was also resident of the clubs Atlanta/SP, Continental/SP and Democrata/SP. With the electronic music innovations and the strong introduction of drum’n bass in Brazil, the experience in other styles showed that, obviously, the best way to follow would be the “drum’n bass”. He played in famous clubs as Atlanta/SP, the legendary Broadway/SP, Overnight/SP, Cokeluxe/SP, D-Edge/SP, Lov.e Club/SP at DJ Marky’s night and many others. In 2002, David WS participated, for the first time, of the DJ’s Championship, organized by the Legendary Club NATION, in São Paulo. With approximately 90 DJs, David WS conquest the first place, becoming resident of the NATION CLUB. In March of 2003, WS was invited to play in the party Taste Brazil at “Mansion Club”, in North Carolina/U.S.A., where also played in the NCDNB Radio. Soon after to have played in the Overnight Club and at the famous Drum’n Bass party “The Bass” from DJ Marnel, David still played in some regions in the North of Brazil. He played together DJ Patife in DJ Patife cd’s project called “DJ Patife on the road”, in Guarujá/SP, Broadway (DJ Andy’s Birthday) and in the night VIBE at Lov.e Club, playing with DJs AKI (Japan) and DJ Marky. Currently David WS is resident of a webradio show called “Warning! Radio Show”, transmitted for one of the biggest brazilian drum’n bass sites: http://www.dnbonline.com.br.
In 2007, David WS enters for the artists crew from na italian musical label “IRMA RECORDS” with his tracks: “Subida of the Morro” e “Talarico”, which not only makes success played for his proper hands but also for great names like: DJ Patife, Brian Gee (V Recordings), Chris Intaface (Movement/UK), Ramilson Maia (Kaleidoscópio), Bad Boy Orange (+160 – Buenos Aires), DJ Tisso (Sunrize/UK), Frank Siccardi (Irma.Records) and many others.

In February of 2008, one more record of his authorship it will be launched. This time, by the label “SUNRIZE RECORDS (UK)”, contend another sucess track: “A Dona do Primeiro Andar”. Using to advantage of his better moment, in the beginning of 2008, David WS did his first international tour of the year, The Mercotour. Passing by the parties +160, in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Rewind! In Santiago, Chile.
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