LuvDisaster Records is a label of electronic music with productions from Brazilian and international artists with liquid funk, souful drum and bass style.

Founded by djs and producers Eduardo Ferreira aka Oliver Ferrer and Kleber Koiti, the label brings all the knowledge developed by entrepreneurs in the market for entertainment and music industry over the years. Eduardo Ferreira in 2001 also founded the label URBR Records producing several important works to the national scene.
The label release your music with on-line distribution in large portals of music as Drum and Bass Arena – Breakbeat.co.uk, Chemical Records, Dogs on Acid, iTunes Store, BeatsDigital, Juno Download, Track it Down, Amazon.com, Dj Download among others. Check our link “Shop our Music” to go.
With the large growth of digital music, opportunities in the market grew, and brought a new moment for globalization, now is allowing launch in international sites for sell our luv releases. The importance of music launched in the market reflects the very international career of a producer, increasing its potential and maximizing their opportunities. LuvDisaster Records brings new comers and special talents from our luv people.
We know that many new digital music companies are jumping into the market without structure and without professionalism. Unlike us, we know that our work will be hard, due to great competition and difficulties in entering new artists on the international market.
With a steady job, we committed ourselves to the music market and with our artists, investing in all cases involving the promotion and development of artists in the international market. Thus, we seek to unify the global electronic scene.

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